Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hair Care/ Routine

In my books hair is just as important as skin, so why people don't take care of it I will never know!
Just over a year ago I set my self a challenge to go a week with out using heat on my hair that meant no hair dryers, curlers and straighteners. And that's when I realised that my hair was naturally straight and using straighteners everyday was silly!

I don't use a specific shampoo (although I love John Frieda and Lushs Big), I just tend to grab what ever is there. I have found that if I use a certain shampoo for long periods of time, my hair tends to build a resistance to it and I don't see results.

The conditioners I use are Lush American Cream which smells amazing, and Aussie 3 minute miracle deep treatment which I would use if my hair was feeling especially dry or if I knew I was going to use heat on my hair just to give it an extra dose of moisture.
I don't like to use much product on hair after I wash it so this is all I use.
Tresemme De tangle Leave in Conditioner helps to get rid of the knots, as over brushing and tugging on the hair can cause breakage and split ends.
And one of the most important products in hair care, heat protectant. I use Tresemme Heat Defence when ever I use heat, whether its straighteners or a hair dryer.

And the final two. To keep my hair from going frizzy without the use of heat I use a styling wax or gum when my hair is wet, I use Toni and Guy Funky Gum. Batiste is great for the days in between washes, and also adds volume and texture without the need for backcombing which also is very damaging to hair.

And one more tip,
every night I put my hair in a high bun to prevent huge knots!

So I think that's everything! Thanks for reading.
Any questions, leave them below.
Jess x

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation.

Hello lovelys,
Just a quick post about a freebie (UK only sorry, I think!?) I recently stumbled across recently. If you vist Lancome's Facebook page, fill in a voucher here , and take it along to your nearest Lancome Counter for a free 7 day sample of the new (yet to be released) Teint Miracle Foundation! The voucher itself is valid till the 31st of December. I plan on reviewing the foundation after 7 days so stay tuned!
Speak to you soon!
Love Jess x

Saturday, 14 August 2010

OOTD LumberJack Love.

Hola Chicas,
I recently bought a tripod and remote for my camera and that ment only one thing, outfit posts!! Its only a short post so hope you like it! x

Flannel shirt - Topshop
White Vest top - Red Herring
Black leggings - Primark
White Wayfarers - RayBan

Love Jess.x
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