Sunday, 31 January 2010

To Twitter or Not to Twitter.

So quick question do you guys think I should make a twitter!


TAG: Whats in my purse?


This is just gonna be a quick post, its the ever famous 'Whats in my purses?' tag. I'v already done the 'Whats in my makeup bag?' tag so it was about time I did this one too.

My beauty, its a grey leather bucket bag from Topshop, that I got for christmas:).

So this is what I cram into my bag,

  • A purse
  • Sunglasses
  • Notebook and pen
  • Hair bobbles and bobby pins
  • A small makeup bag that I throw in instead of my big makeup bag, it has a compact, lip balm and two lipsticks
  • A bangle, I don't know why thats in there!
  • Hand gel
  • And gloves, I love the combination of gloves and sunglasses:)

And thats all folks!



Saturday, 30 January 2010

Haul #1

Hi Guys,

I went shopping today in my local town, and bought a few things there not really make up related but im going to post it any way.

heres what i got,

This is what I was most exited about its the Lush Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes box it contains Big Shampoo (45g), 1 Vitamin C toner tab, Fresh Face mask ( I got BB Seaweed), Moisturiser sample ( I have imperials), Mini Sugar Scrub, Mini Each Peach massage bar, Lemony Flutter sample, Pied de Pepper sample, Handy Gururu sample and not forgetting the all important free Moustache :). I got all this for £12.50 + I used a 10% voucher from a gift box so it only cost me a grand total of £11.25, Bargin!


I popped into Sallys to pick up some bobby pins and while I was in there I thought I would pick up some Ion Appliance Cleansing Wipes.

When ever im in W H Smith I always read, but never buy Nylon mag, well today was different I bought it! As well as Vogue. Although its expensive (£4.25 ouch!) I love looking at the outfits created and gaining inspiration.

Finally I always love to take advantage of those Bargin DVD Bins and I got 'The Holiday' for only £3.99, this is definatly one of my top movies, I LOVE IT!

So thats all I bought today, thanks for reading :).



Possible Dupe: Style Snob

Hi guys,
So one of my favourite eyeshadows from MAC is Style Snob, the finish is a starflash shadow this is amazing finish its smooth and almost like butter, unfortunatly its a limited edition it makes me cry everytime i use it, not really but you get the idea:).
Its a pink/ brown taupe with a subtle shimmer, it looks great with a brown like mulch or Buckwheat (from naked honey collection) in the crease. Anyway this is what it looks like,

So this morning as routing around my eyeshadows I saw this,

Prestige Get loose eyeshadow in Planet,
But when I swatched it it was more pinky in colour so to fix that and make it look more like Style Snob I put MACs Mulch over the top.

MACs Mulch

Swatches: Style Snob, Get loose-Planet, Get loose-Planet with Mulch over the top.

Its not an exact dupe but I would say its pretty good.

Do you have any good dupes?



Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Favourite Nail Polish

Hi guys,

Iv been lacking in ideas for posts lately, so I thought I would do one of my favourites. A day never goes by when I'm not wearing nail polish I know your meant to let your nails breath but I hate the look of my nails without polish and these are the ones that I find my self reaching for the most.
My very sophisticated storage system a nails inc box I was given a couple of Christmases ago.

The first picture would of been a bottle of Rimmel Black Nail Polish, but I've lost it :(. This is my go to nail polish I think I probably wear it to much, but I find that it goes with everything and can be worn all year round.

Mac Nail polish in Cool Reserve ( sorry but its an LE)

Other than Black this is my go to colour, it is so versatile. Another plus is that I got so many compliments about, I didn't think people noticed that much. Its a gorgeous dirty pale lavender and is a cream finish.

Next is a colour I usually wear in the summer,

Revlon 093 Tropical Temptation it is a coral cream formula with no shimmer. It goes on smoothly and only needs one coat.

A 'Classic' red, Rimmel I love Lasting Finish 030 Double Decker Red, is just that. It is a cream finish (just realised there all cream finish :)), I only need one coat and it lasts a long time (hence the name) even without a topcoat. Another feature is the short brush which also easy control.

This is a definate fall/winter colour its Nails inc polish in Chester sq. Its a deep red/ marron/ rust colour with a hint of pink it is such a unique colour. Unlike all the others this is a more sheer colour but its very buildable.

Last but not least my favourite top coat, RapiDry Top Coat by OPI, I actually dont own any opi apart from this one but I will be buying some soon. I think the reason why i love this so much is its consistancy, it has a thick gel like texture which makes it easy to apply a nice even coat, drys quickly and makes nail polish chip free for a long time. This is only a mini bottle (3.75 ml) but i will be buying a full size when this is finished.

What are your favourite nail polishes?



Any Requests ?

Please leave any requests for posts in the comments below,

Love Jess.x

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Take a peek at my makeup bag.

I know this is ment to be a tag but im just going to do this any way :) I love these 'whats in my ...' its so interesting to see what people carry around with them on an everyday basis.

I think my makeup bag has seen better days but im holding out till the Mac Libertys collection to get one of the makeup bags, this is going of the subject a bit but does anybody else feel that the collections have been a bit blah lately, anyways :) heres whats in it:

Starting with face products,

Loreal Touche Magique Concealer this is so light so i have to set it with a bronzer.

Loreal Glam Bronze in Blonde Harmony

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in 14 Soft Pink

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Apricot Beige 05

Boots Eyelash Curlers

MAC Zoom Lash Sample

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Max Factor Kohl Pencil in black

And finaly the lip products:)

Bourjois La Creme des Levres in rose doux 03

MAC Lipglass in Queen Bee

MAC Dazzleglass Creme in My Favourite Pink

Revlon Matte in Pink Pout

Barry M Lip Paint in Marshmellow 101

A Zara Lipstick

Natural Collection Moisture Shine in Apple Blossom

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme Cup


Nivea Caregloss and Shine I only really use this as a clear gloss

So thats every thing thats in my makeup bag, I have so many lip products :/ oh well :), Enjoy!


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Review: Loreal Telescopic Mascara

Hi guys,

As I was rummaging through my makeup bag, I found my telescopic mascara and remembered I wanted to blog about it. So iv heard so many rave reviews about this mascara, and i thought i would pick one up, but to be honest I wish i hadn't.

Don't get me wrong its an OK mascara but that's all. Its good at lengthening your lashes but with regards to thickening and separating its pretty rubbish.

With out Mascara:)

With Loreal Telescopic.


Lengthening your lashes, which is good for my stubby lashes (im lusting after LiLash:) )

A small brush so it gets close to the roots and coats the smaller lashes.

Didnt seperate lashes,

Didnt thicken lashes so might end up with spider lashes:)

Would I repurchase the product?

Simply no, because there are much better mascaras for similar price that do a better job.

This mascara retails for about £7-8.

Love Jess.x

FTC: I was not sent this product I am not affiliated or have been paid for this review.

Monday, 25 January 2010

OOTN & FOTN, Friends Birthday Meal!

So today is my friends Birthday (happy birthday to her :)) and we celebrated with a meal so this is what I wore,

Blazer from, Topshop

Skirt from, Topshop

Plain White Cami

Black Footless Tights

Shoes (guess where from..), Topshop:)

Add Image
Hope you like this look. x

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Review: Lush Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

I'm a self confessed Lush addict and the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar is one of my fav Lush products.

I usually break the bar in half and use one side per bath, crumble it under the running tap and it creates oodles of bubbles and gives the water a nice silky feel.

It belongs to the 'Rock Star Soap' family and has a similar scent, smells like the sweetie isle in shops :), It's a pink bar with a small flower pressed into the center, soo pretty.

I'd give this product 5/5, my only wish for this product is that when I used it, it would turn my bath water pink :) but any how its a lovely product and would definetly repurchase.
You can purchase this from Lush Stores or Lush online, for £2.27


It was bound to happen eventually.

For a while I have been meaining to start a blog, I read so many beauty and fashion blogs so I thought why not!, i'll start my own. Thing that you might expect from me, hauls, tutorials, reviews and ootd, fotd. Please leave comments on anything you think I should write about!
Love Jess.x
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