Saturday, 30 January 2010

Possible Dupe: Style Snob

Hi guys,
So one of my favourite eyeshadows from MAC is Style Snob, the finish is a starflash shadow this is amazing finish its smooth and almost like butter, unfortunatly its a limited edition it makes me cry everytime i use it, not really but you get the idea:).
Its a pink/ brown taupe with a subtle shimmer, it looks great with a brown like mulch or Buckwheat (from naked honey collection) in the crease. Anyway this is what it looks like,

So this morning as routing around my eyeshadows I saw this,

Prestige Get loose eyeshadow in Planet,
But when I swatched it it was more pinky in colour so to fix that and make it look more like Style Snob I put MACs Mulch over the top.

MACs Mulch

Swatches: Style Snob, Get loose-Planet, Get loose-Planet with Mulch over the top.

Its not an exact dupe but I would say its pretty good.

Do you have any good dupes?



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