Monday, 19 April 2010

Products Im loving right now!

Feels like ages since Iv written anything (probably because it is!)

First thing I'm loving, 2 cheek products. MAC well dressed blush, I don't know why I didn't buy this sooner! It gives the cheeks a nice flush of colour without to much work, i.e a slap on and go product :). Next Mac Shell Pearl beauty powder, Iv been reaching alot for this product and I don't usually wear highlighter on a regular basis.
Now seeing as its going to be summer soon, I thought I would break out the bright-summer colours. Mac Made with love, this was released last year in the colour crafted collection, it is a bright sheer coral/pink. It looks lovely dabbed on the lips.

Love it or Hate it. I love it! And its back on are screens tonight (19th) yay! I missed the first several episodes so bought my self half of season 1, to catch up.

So where have I been, well its exam season and I've been trying to cram in coursework and as much revision as possible (this isn't what I'm loving right now!). Art has been taking over my life for ages and now Spanish as crept up on me as well! My first art exam is this Thursday, wish me luck!

I'm hoping to pre-write several blog posts, and upload them gradually!

Love Jess x

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