Monday, 19 April 2010

My Everyday Makeup, contest entry.

This is my contest entry to Lorraine at "TheCurrentCustom", for my everyday makeup.

Face products.

First I use a face primer, BareVitamins Skin Rev-er upper (not pictured), then I use Dior Forever Foundation with a foundation brush, next I use the Mac select cover up concealer with the BareMinerals concealer brush and then with a Mac 181se brush DiorSkin Nude over my t-zone.

I fill in my brows using the Urban Decay Brow Box.

I contour using Loreal Glam Bronze Duo in Blonde Harmony.

And the blush iv been using recently is well dressed, and highlighter in shell pearl beauty powder both by Mac.

*Mac 181se, for powder. BareEssentials Concealer brush. Jelly Pong Pong brush for contouring. Ruby and Milly foundation brush. And an unknown powder brush for blush.*
First I use UDPP all over my lid, I put UD Sell out on my inner corner and inner 3rd, with the same brush I put Mac style snob on the outer 2 3rds and then with a 217 I put UD Mushroom in the crease and outer corner. I use a cream shadow to blend everything with a 224, and finally to highlight I use Prestige get loose eyeshadow in jump blended with a 224.
I use Blacktrack fluid line to line my eyes, Urban Decay eyeliner in zero on the waterline, eyelash curlers and Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara.

*Mac 224, Mac 217, Be never to busy to be beautiful eyeshadow brush, and a Ruby and Milly angled eyeliner brush.*

And finally I apply a lip balm, I used Carmex and then what ever lipstick I'm wearing that day.

So sorry this is such a long post! My friend always says for someone who wears so much makeup I look like I'm wearing hardly any!

Thanks For reading.

Jess x

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  1. I love reading your routine :)
    great tip too


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