Friday, 7 May 2010

Grubby little mitts

Remeber me?

I see a pattern emerging lately all recent posts starts with 'sorry its been a while'.

But now my art exam is done, yay! But i have a whole month ahead of me jam packed with exams :(.

Anyways this is a quick review post.

Iv used fake tan, mostly St. Moritz for a while. Iv tried to find the perfect way to apply it, first it was bare hands, the a rubber glove, then a *hangs head in shame* a sock :) and now the Soltan Self tan Mit.

The mitt it self has a velvet finish, and is coated in plastic on the back (in the picture) which stops the mitt moving when, applying the fake tan. I find that when I use the mitt is applys the fake tan evenly and buffs it in. This mitt costs around £2-3, I was talking to a shop assistant in boots told me it was there best seller, far better that the St. Tropez Mitt which is made from a towel material.

Do you have any requests for posts? Has any one else tried the St. Tropez mitt?


Jess x

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