Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Review: Lush French Kiss Bubble Bar

Hi guys,
One of my favourite products from Lush has to be their bubble bars im slowly making my way through them all, and last night i tried another. The french kiss bubble bar,

It is a purple and white, tear drop shape bubble bar with a lavender sprig stuck into the top (mine broke of in transit :( ). One thing I have to mention about the shape, where as the typical bubble bars are a rectangle shape, this ones shape makes it harder to brake in half (i had to get a knife). The scent is hard to describe it smells of Lavender with something else, lush describe it as 'Lavender, rosemary and thyme' I can't smell it, but it smells nice. It almost has a calming effect I used this before I went to bed and felt very relaxed after.

*SO Pretty*

This product gives the water a nice purple tint, and mounds of bubbles. Iv heard a few people say that this turned there water oily, but that didn't happen to me, it gave the water a nice silky feel and felt very moisturising.

Would I repurchace, yes and no. Reasons, well the smell is lovely and I like the moisturising feel but the price puts me off, its £3.85 for 100g where as the comforter is £3.95 for 200g, I know its not much but it soon adds up!

I would give this product a 3/5.



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