Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Reviews: Cuticle Care Products

Hi guys,
When I was younger I had a horrible habit of bitting my cuticles, i never bit my nails tho, they get really dry and crack in the winter. To treat this I have a number of different products. Each one different in there own way.

This is the cheapest of the three, I picked it up in Sallys it was about £5-6 for 50ml, and it is the one I like least. It does hydrate my cuticles quickly, but with its greasy feel it would have to be used at night, and I like to apply cuticle products through out the day. Also the applicator is a pump which I feel is wrong for this kind of product as you need the smallest amount, and with the pump it is hard to control how much product it disperses.

And Lush does it again. This is an amazing product, it has a thick moose consistency and sinks into the skin quickly. Not only can it be used on cuticles but on elbows, knees and feet, always a plus. I only have the trial size but the full size costs £5.50 for 50g. The only thing that puts me off the product is the lemony scent, but thats my personal opinion.

Last but not least Christian Dior Creme Abricot, its has a thick gloppy consistency and a apricot scent. Although it doesn't have the added advantages of being multi-purpose like Lush's lemony flutter, it is super concentrated so a little goes a VERY long way which takes me on to the price. I got this for £14 as there was a special offer on, normal I think it costs about £16 for 10g, it does seem alot but iv had this pot for about 8 months and hardly made a dent.
My conclusion would be if Lemony Flutter and Creme Abricot had a baby it would be the perfect product!


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