Saturday, 20 March 2010

Easy as pie.

Iv been looking for some natural looking false lashes for a while now and when I spied these on the MAC website I knew I had to try them out!

They are the #20 half lash and look like this,

This is the before...
...And this is the after

For some weird reason I lashes never sit well on my right eye!

I think if you were looking for a natural looking lash, or if you were starting out these are the best ones. Half lashes are a whole lot easier to apply than full strip. They make eyes open and add length to the outer corner which looks a lot more natural than length all over.

These are £8.50 from MAC.

Hope you found this helpful.

Jess x


  1. oh these look gorgeous on you :)
    I have them too x

  2. @Jess
    Thank you x
    there so easy to use!I love them.

  3. These look really nice on you, especially with the eye makeup you paired with them :) x

  4. wow these look amazing! will definitely have to try them out!


  5. they look amazing :)! your eyelashes are lovely and long naturally too


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