Monday, 8 March 2010

Tiny Haul.

Hi, guys

So I went shopping on Saturday for a present, and got a little bit distracted :).
Debenhams had a 10% off sale that was calling my name, I only got one thing but it was a bargain!

I was looking for a loose powder to replace the one im currently using (as it is £26 a pop, ouch!) that would also double up as a foundation. Iv heard good things about Bare Minerals, i'll review this product when I get around to using it. Usually it is £45, but there was a 10% off sale so it was £40 and then I had a £5 voucher (because I have a Debenhams beauty card) so in the end it was a grand total of £35, bargain!

Then shock horror WH Smith didn't have Vouge, luckily ASDA did!

That's the end off my little haul, I was strong and resisted LUSH!

Have you recently had any good buys?

Love Jess

1 comment:

  1. What a great buy - the Bare Minerals is really nice - I have used it for a few years now.


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