Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hi guys,
Iv started to get back into the routine of blogging, yay!
I was tagged by the lovely Jess at Starviolet Beauty to do the 20 question tag.

1.What can't you leave the house without?

Money and Phone, I feel safe when I have my phone.

2.Favourite makeup brand ?

Mac, they have so much to choose from!

3.Favourite flower?


4.Favourite clothing store?

Topshop, Urban Outfitters and occasional New look.

5.Favourite perfume?

Chanel mademoiselle and Flora by Gucci

6.Heels or Flats?

If its formal i'll wear heels, but if its casual i'll wear flats.

7.Do you make good grades?

Some subjects yes, some subjects are okay.

8.Favourite colours?

Pink :)

9.Do you drink energy drinks?

If I need an energy boost yes, but never as a normal drink and I hate red bull!

10.Do you drink juice?

I love juice, at the moment iv been loving cranberry.

11.Do you like swimming?

I like to just mess about in pools, more than swim.

12.Do you eat fries with a fork?

If im at home no, but if im out I will.

13.Favourite moisturiser?

Neautrogena oil-free, but im looking for a new one any suggestions?

14.Do you want to get married?

One day.

15.Do you get mad easily?

I think I do, but I tend to bottle it up!

16.Are you into ghost hunting?


17.Any phobias?

Only spiders.

18.Do you bite your nails?

Never have!

19.Have you ever had a near death experience?

No, my mum nearly crashed the car last year in the snowy weather, but not sure if thats near death.

20.Do you drink coffee?

At home i'll drink tea but when im out i'll drink things like latte's.

I love reading peoples 20 questions, so I tag all of you!

Love Jess

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