Thursday, 4 March 2010

Review: LUSH BB Seaweed

.....I know, I know another lush review you say.

At first I was a bit unsure about putting a Lush product on my face, but for the purpose of beauty, i did. And I'm so glad I tried it.

Its a face mask designed for combination skin, it is light green in colour and has a fresh sent with a hint of honey.

I think this is great value for money, this is how much I had left after three uses and I would say there was 4/5 uses left ( i apply it pretty thick) and unfortunately I had to throw it away, but it does last a long time tho! Another bonus is that they operate a system similar to "Bac2Mac", collect 5 fresh face mask black pots and get one free! I apply it really thick and sit for a good 20 min to let it dry, during this time it will crumble off. Then any remaining product left on the face after the 20 min gets washed off with warm water. My skin is left fresh and soft.

Now recently Iv had a breakout, and im wondering if its because iv not been using a face mask regularly!

Next on my list is Cupcake!

What are your favourite face masks??

Love Jess x

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