Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ebay is my BFF.


Iv been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now, but only just got round to it oops!

I recently made a nail polish purchase, these are my first OPIs, from an ebay seller here (really who wants to pay £9-10 for a bottle of nail polish!). I highly recommend buying from this seller, it cost me a total of £15 for three bottles of nail polish plus shipping!, they also arrived fast 5 days to be precise.
I got Seche Vite Fast Dry top coat, OPI suzy says feng shiu and OPI Mod about you. OPI suzy says feng shiu is a grey blue colour, unique in my eyes, and I applied 2 coats but you could get away with applying just one followed by a coat of seche vite ( not sure if this is right but I let the colour dry before applying the top coat I'v heard you should apply it when the colour is wet, has any body tried this?), it lasted a good 10 days with only minimal chipping!

Next pay day I'm planning to buy a few more (I'm hooked!). Any suggestions?

Now I'm off to paint my nails with mod about you.

Jess xxx

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  1. Yeah the top coat will dry the polish faster it does work but i find that seche doesnt last as long as other top coats.. im still looking for the perfect one!


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